RZE Adventurer - Pete Elliot

RZE Adventurer - Pete Elliot

“Working in a cafe today in Switzerland”
“touring from a boat in the Lyngen Alps”
“Coupla weeks in Scotland”

Lines from emails Pete wrote as he trekked across the globe, chasing the footsteps of the intrepid explorers before him in a pursuit to capture the incredible scenes he witnessed with his lenses. We pride ourselves in building watches to withstand the conditions and demands of adventurers like him. We are #assembledforadventure.

Growing up on the South Coast of England, Pete developed a love for the outdoors that inspired him to pursue his passion for exploration and authentically capturing moments within his work. As Pete helps his clients worldwide create engaging, story-based visual content in stills or film, we strive to embody the spirit of adventure in our watches.

Pete relentlessly seeks new horizons, pushing the boundaries of what is known and we’re proud to be a part of his story. Enduring the harshest conditions and terrain to capture the perfect shot, the limits of his equipment are put to the test but he can always count on his watch to be capable of withstanding the elements.


Loch Coruisk

What inspires us about Pete?

A genuine lover of the great outdoors, his respect for mother nature shines through his work. As a practitioner of the ‘leave no trace’ philosophy, Pete encourages others to go out and experience the outdoors but also to help protect and preserve the earth for future adventurers. If we assume his mission is for every photo to evoke a sense of wanderlust, it’s been accomplished - and he’s just getting started.

What else is in Pete’s kit?

It starts with a 65l pack and a lightweight tent and ends with snacks and beer. We fast forwarded because you can check out his pinned Wild Camp List on Instagram to see how he packs to make the magic happen. It's immediately clear that every item is carefully considered and essential - down to a compass and a map.

What does Pete really use his watch for? 

  • To check the time on those early mornings where he’s chasing the best light.

  • To remind him that it’s almost last call in Scotland as he thinks fondly about when he was there last sharing a pint with friends new and old.

  • To see how late he is as he stuffs his last few items in his bag and rushes off to the airport for his next flight.

  • To make sure he’s on time for that call with a client on the other side of the world.

From Monaco, to the Lake District, we are glad to be the adventure companion on his wrist. Wherever Pete sends us his next email or text, we want to be there with him. We could talk to him about the movement, bracelet, or case dimensions, but really all he needs to know is that he can rely on his Ascentus’ ability to tell time in different time zones - all we want to know is where his next adventure will take us.

You can see some of Pete’s work, telling the epic stories of some of your favourite brands from behind the lens here, or you can keep up with his adventures on Instagram.

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