RZE Adventurer - Dion VanBoekel

RZE Adventurer - Dion VanBoekel

Dion is a travel photographer based out of Michigan, USA, who has spent the last several years traveling the world in search of adventure and unique opportunities. Ever since picking a camera up in 2018, Dion has strived to continually build his knowledge of photography and hone it to capture content for himself, as well as build stories for his clients. The defining trip for Dion that led him to pursue photography as a full-time career came in 2022, when Dion traveled to Banff National Park and witnessed the beauty that it held.

What inspires us about Dion?

Dion’s wanderlust is contagious. Take one look at the beauty he captures in his images and you're instantly drawn into the snippets of his adventures and captions on Instagram. Dion has dedicated himself to chasing the spirit of adventure and there isn’t a highway drive long enough to deter him from seeking out the natural beauty across North America. Committed to enabling others to safely, sustainably, and responsibly witness the incredible views of Banff National Park, Southern Utah, and beyond, Dion has dedicated this year to hosting group trips, and collaborating with creators across the continent.


What does Dion use to capture those incredible shots?

Dion uses the Lowepro 350 AW as his primary bag for carrying gear, coupling that with Pelican cases to get his gear from one location to another without damage. For his Camera, he uses both the Nikon Z7ii and the Nikon Z6, while primarily using the Nikon 24-70, Tamron 70-200, and the Tamron 150-500 as his lenses. If you would like to see a full gear bring down list, you can see that here. Another essential Dion uses is patience. 

Fun Fact: The bird photobombing the top left corner of this image is real. Dion has a deep appreciation for the perfect shot naturally coming together and has waited several hours in the snow to perfectly photograph an elk. 


Why does Dion choose an RZE watch as an adventure companion?

Dion looks to his watch as a means of keeping track of time on long hikes to avoid the distractions a phone can cause. Having a watch during these outdoor adventures allows him to be more present in the moment, and not take his eyes off the end goal. While the date isn’t a complication he needs, the features Dion appreciates the most about all of RZE’s collections is their exceptional lume, reliability and ability to withstand the elements. Regardless of the temperature or time of day, his watch is incredibly legible and helps ensure he gets to the summit in time for sunrise, and safely back to the parking lot before sunset. 


You can follow Dion’s adventures from Alberta to Wyoming on his Instagram or visit his website to join him on an adventure or see his personal work! Together, we are #ASSEMBLEDFORADVENTURE.