Let's rewild Canada with Project Forest

Let's rewild Canada with Project Forest

At RZE, we believe in a ‘leave no trace philosophy’ and that NOTHING IS POSSIBLE; in our pursuit of becoming carbon negative and making a direct impact, we've partnered with Project Forest to support carbon capture in the most efficient way possible - by rewilding Canada. Project Forest doesn’t just plant trees, they’re planting forests. Turning non-productive agricultural land into thriving, biodiverse forests that will benefit communities for generations to come is a mission we can get behind. By supporting Project Forest’s mission, we are able to help plant new forest, improve the air and water, support animal habitat and create natural playgrounds for future generations.

Cumberland House Cree Nation Food and Medicine Forest

It isn’t about carbon offset, it’s about rewilding our backyards. Project Forest works together with Indigenous communities to restore traditional land use by helping reestablish food bearing and culturally significant plants. Not seeing the forest for the trees is what has resulted in devastating impacts on the environment and on communities.

The Project Forest Cumberland House Cree Nation Food and Medicine Forest is a 9 hectare area of land located in the heart of Cumberland House Cree Nation situated within the ecologically sensitive Saskatchewan River Delta, North America’s largest inland river delta and a substantial underground carbon sink. 

Since 2022, Project Forest has worked alongside Indigenous leaders and members of Cumberland House Cree Nation to plant a Food and Medicine Forest, building a lasting legacy of plants that will feed, heal and strengthen their community and traditional ways of life.

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Earth Month 

This year for Earth Month (April), we're kicking off our collaboration with Project Forest! Every order we ship from RZE is always carbon neutral and this April, we're planting a tree or shrub for every product sold. Each adventurer who places an order in April will receive a patch with their order representing a tree planted.

Leaving a Legacy

Team RZE is committed to helping rewild Canada through a long term partnership with Project Forest. Starting this month, 'Let's Rewild Canada' patches will be available in the RZE store as an add-on so adventurers can make a direct impact, providing funding for the planting of a tree or shrub in  Cumberland House Cree Nation. Maximizing the lifecycle of your watches, you will also be able to trade in your adventurer companion with the RE-VERIFIED program and apply your credit to plant trees that will last for generations.

Adventurers can also look forward to special editions of our upcoming Urbanist and Resolute Pro, with a portion of their proceeds dedicated to helping build a self-sustaining ecosystem, offering local opportunities for traditional food, land use and knowledge sharing for generations to come.