Hex: Nature’s Strongest Structure

Hex: Nature’s Strongest Structure

In the pursuit of engineering the toughest titanium watch, we took inspiration from the very best: Mother Nature

Hexagons are omnipresent in nature; From the biggest planets in the universe all the way down to the tiniest microscopic compounds. Taking cues from nature, many industries have adopted the use of hexagons to create and design products due to its efficiency and strength. We set out to make use of these traits of the hexagon in the attempt to craft the strongest titanium watch ever. Enter, UltraHex™.

Probably the first naturally-occurring hexagon that comes to mind is the honeycomb. This shape is found in the geometrically perfect homes of bees. You can even find this shape written into their eyes. The reason hexagons appear in honeycombs is because they are the most efficient way to fill a space with the least amount of material. In a hexagonal grid, each line is as short as it can possibly be if a large area is to be filled with the fewest number of hexagons. This means that honeycombs require less wax to construct and in turn, gain lots of strength under compression. It's also one of the only shapes which tessellates, meaning they can be repeated across a surface without leaving gaps or overlapping. Tessellation ensures that there’s neither wasted space nor wasted energy, meaning packing more goodness in the least amount of space.

So, we took a cue from the busy bees—some of the hardest workers in nature—to design products that will withstand the test of time with all your adventures. 

RZE Endeavour with UltraHex™ Coating

We love the modern look of titanium watches, but we all know that raw titanium oxidizes easily which makes the surface a scratch magnet. Although some people may like the “beat-up” scratched look of these raw titanium watches, we at RZE prefer our watches extremely hardy, looking just like Day One.

Hence our answer to this problem—our unique UltraHex™ hard titanium coating. Without sacrificing on the lightweight nature of titanium, we managed to dramatically increase its strength up to 8 times harder than stainless steel. We made this for the adventurers who are constantly conquering new heights who need a sturdy timepiece they don't need to fuss or worry about. 

UltraHex™ is RZE’s proprietary titanium hard coating which is applied to all our watches which greatly increases their strength and durability. The result is a lightweight and comfortable watch that can take all the knocks and bumps you throw at it. So rest assured, you can take them on all your exciting adventures, be it above ground, underground, or below the surface.