Introduction to Resolute 2022 and Resolute Supercompressor Series

Introduction to Resolute 2022 and Resolute Supercompressor Series

After two years, we finally made it to release a new series of our classic OG Resolute. With new bold colors and more legible 3, 6, and 9-hour markers, the Resolute 2022 series is here to make a difference. If you have not been with us from the beginning of our journey, fret not. We’ll be introducing our new Resolute series and what we’ve done to upgrade them for a better version. Other than the field watch, we’ve also released a brand new Resolute Supercompressor series for the avid divers. As adventurers, we do not want to worry about bumps and scratches on our watches. Let us look at the Resolute 2022 and Resolute SC series more in-depth.

History of The Field Watch

A century ago, pocket watches were the most popular timepiece for men. Wristwatches were initially invented for women because there weren’t pockets in dresses then. As it was for women, wristwatches were a delicate, feminine option. It wasn’t until the late 1800s that men started to accept wristwatches after a device to strap watches to the wrist called wristlets was developed and marketed for hands-free time telling.

However, wristwatches replaced pocket watches when soldiers began buying them to read the time by flicking their wrists. Also called field watches, they kept soldiers alive in the Second Boer War (1899-1902) and World War I (1914-1918). Soldiers synchronize their movements for tactics and actions. After the war, men began to use their wristwatches for activities such as hiking, fishing, and hunting. European and American watchmakers seized on the trend and advertised field watches using slogans. Rugged men doing strong and determined things required a rugged wristwatch. Field watches became synonymous with ruggedness soon after.

Characteristics of A Field Watch

Exhibit simple design without unnecessary features and complications.

Field watch allowed soldiers to tell the time at a glance. Hence, a field watch commonly comes with hour markers and a minimalist design. Their simplicity makes them a classic and timeless design. The Resolute 2022 is an upgrade from the first generation, from the case thickness to the movement. The titanium casing now boasts a Miyota 90S5 Japan Movement. It is a slimmer timepiece and tells time more accurately than the previous generation.

Comfortable, durable, and long-lasting.

Typical field watches are stainless steel as stainless steel is light and comfortable to wear for long periods. At RZE, we build our watches using Grade 2 titanium with UltraHex™️ coating to enhance durability and strength up to eight (8) times of 316L stainless steel. It is lightweight, durable, comfortable and anti-magnetic. In addition, it is also hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant.

History of Supercompressor

Supercompressor was invented in the 1950s to be water-resistant yet durable for divers. At that time, it was an uphill battle to make a watch that could withstand rising water pressure because the sealants were of low quality. Most materials deform over time, which causes the sealing pressure to fade, creating leaks.

The company Ervin Piquerez SA (EPSA) was ahead of the curve and came up with a clever solution to the problem. A new case back technology called supercompressor allowed extra compression to the case back as the water pressure rose. It enables a watch to withstand high pressures as one dives deeper.

Characteristics of Supercompressor

Have a spring-loaded caseback for improved water resistance.

Supercompressors are equipped with a case back that enhances water resistance. The technology extends the lifespan of the O-ring gasket as the gasket goes through minimal compression when water pressure is applied.

Features an inner bezel and two crowns.

Not every watch with a bezel and two crowns can be considered a supercompressor. However, Supercompressors should feature an inner bezel and two crowns. The two crowns are located at two and four o’clock, respectively. The crown at the former moves the inner bezel while the latter allows us to set the time. The inner bezel decreases the possibility of it getting knocked or moved out of place while underwater.

RZE Supercompressor features

Apart from being a watch made of titanium, we coat RZE’s timepieces with UltraHex™️ technology. Hence, they are lighter and more durable than most watches. The RZE Supercompressor comes with BGW9 and C3 Swiss SuperLumiNova, the two brightest lumens in the SuperLumiNova series. It provides the RZE Supercompressor with extra visibility underwater or at night.

Resolute 2022 and Resolute Supercompressor series enhance your adventurous lifestyle without the worries of dents and scratches. With the community’s input, Resolute 2022 and Resolute SC is an upgrade to last through your life events.

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