Introducing the Resolute Workbench Edition

Introducing the Resolute Workbench Edition

Since we started our journey with RZE, we’ve been committed to pushing the limits of design, innovation and delivering timepieces that are truly assembled for adventure. Each of our watches has been developed to withstand real life challenges; for use in the field by real adventurers, pilots and explorers. Every detail has been considered, from the titanium we craft our watches from, to the UltraHex™coating we protect them with. We’re raising the bar every launch, challenging ourselves to make lighter, thinner and more comfortable watches. Frankly we’re obsessed with adventure, the pursuit of it, and RZE being the timepiece of choice when it gets down to it. 

The Resolute has been in development since our brand’s inception and we continue to strive to improve it. This year we introduced the Resoute 2022 with new technical improvements and colorways our community has been waiting for. Now, we’re releasing a blackout Workbench Edition as a tribute to our loyal community that also unlocks a unique adventure experience.

When you secure your blackout Resolute Workbench Edition you’re signalling that you’ve been with us since we were building a watch for adventurers on Kickstarter. You’re the reason why RZE isn’t just ‘here’, but still adventuring, and you understand why that’s more important than ‘here to stay’. Prepare for the drop, because we’re inviting you to take a peek at our Workbench.

On October 15 at 10:30 PM SGT the Workbench Edition of our 2022 Resolute will be available for purchase and we’re inviting the 50 adventurers who secure one, to come see what we’re doing to become synonymous with ‘adventure’. 

In addition to receiving a 1/50 limited edition Resolute, we’ll be sending you an exclusive piece of merch and you’re invited to join members of Team RZE on one of two Workbench Experiences in 2023. While the experiences aren’t ‘all expenses paid’, if you make the trek out on your own,  we’ve got you covered for the day. Adventure, snacks, meals and camaraderie are included. 

Dates are TBD, but they’ll be between March 2023 - July 2023, giving adventurers time to journey to meet up with members of Team RZE for an inspiring experience. We’ll be hosting two 1-day events, one in Singapore, and one in Banff, Alberta, Canada. 

  • Join us in Singapore, and together, we’ll put our watches to the test on a private yacht cruise around the Southern Islands, take a dip in the water, and then sail off to a beautiful view of the iconic skyline. 
  • Journey to Alberta, where we’re taking our watches to the summit of a mountain in the Canadian Rockies. 


Both excursions are 4-hour adventures that will take place during the day, but if you’re night owl or looking for a having a more relaxed watch adventure, you’re welcome to join us later that day for the meet-and-greet where you will get the chance to see some of our prototypes and learn more about our process. 

We know that many of you are going to have questions, but that’s why you’ve joined our mailing list and are part of our Basecamp on Facebook. Don’t worry, we’ve got answers so stay tuned for the FAQ.

In 2023, we’re #assembledforadventure!