The Story Behind the All-New HexWeave NATO

The Story Behind the All-New HexWeave NATO

Versatility enhanced, possibilities endless!

Carefully designed to be mixed and matched with any of our RZE watches, the HexWeave is constructed using military-grade ballistic nylon; with titanium loops and buckles for that signature RZE touch.

We started developing the HexWeave NATO strap because we wanted a resilient NATO strap that is unlike any other out there that matches the resilience of our RZE watches.

We started out by trying out hundreds of NATO straps and penned down what we liked and didn’t like about these straps. Together with our factory, we developed the HexWeave nylon material that helps repel water and improve breathability for the watch wearer.

When it came to deciding a color for the Hexweave NATO strap, we wanted a color that would be neutral enough to match all of our existing collections and also be unique enough to stand out from all our existing straps. We drew inspiration from our adventures in the ocean and under the skies, so we decided to go with the white strap and blue stripes.

Then we painstakingly customized every little detail from the texture, thickness and length of the strap to the distance between the gaps of each hole. We then matched them with our titanium loops and buckles to finish the HexWeave NATO strap for a consistent feel. 

The military-grade ballistic nylon that we used to make this strap is a non-toxic woven material that is both sturdy and comfortable. Crazily durable and resistant to the harshest conditions while still staying soft and smooth against your skin – a great alternative to how sweaty steel and leather straps feel on your wrist. Once it’s broken in, it’s easy to forget you’re even wearing it, just like your RZE timepiece.

We hope that you'll love the HexWeave NATO strap as much as we do. Just like you, we love wearing our watches everyday and for every occasion. The HexWeave NATO strap really adds to the versatility of our watches and we thank you for sharing our passion for watches with us. Strap it on for all your adventures – above or below surface.

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