Courage is grace under pressure. - Ernest Hemmingway

Courage is grace under pressure. - Ernest Hemmingway

Earlier this year, we introduced the 2022 Resolute; improving on the first Resolute, we focused on the details to bring you an even better experience. Adding another level of refinement, we challenged our designers to make the case thinner and tasked our craftsmen to apply a brushed finish to the solid titanium case; all protected by our proprietary UltraHex coating. 

For this limited edition variant of the Resolute 2022, we selected a dial that captures the essence of individuality and innovation. Developed in the aerospace industry, forged carbon is a strong, lightweight and moldable material with a signature marbled appearance.The upgraded high beat Miyota movement sweeps the lollipop seconds hand over the Arabic numbers and indices, filled generously with Swiss Superluminova, applied on a dial featuring a blend of grey and black strokes and swirls of compressed carbon fibres.

How is the unique look of forged carbon achieved?

The carbon fibre texture we’re used to seeing is typically a dry woven fabric that is placed in a mould, infused with resin and cured. While there are advantages to using traditional woven carbon fibre, it can be difficult to employ it in applications where the product is a complex shape or has intricate curves. Forged or composite carbon is made from a paste or chopped carbon fibres which is placed in a compression mould infused with resin and placed under extreme pressure and cured. The result of this process is perfectly formed objects of beautifully marbled forged carbon with unique physical properties.

Developed in the aerospace industry by Dr. Paolo Feraboli and then employed in supercars, sports equipment and other consumer products, forged carbon and composites have demonstrated that it is a material that has huge aesthetic appeal and performance benefits.Even on a trail you’ve frequented, there is always something new to discover; we hope that every time you glance at this limited edition Resolute, you’ll be reminded that each second that passes is unlike the last. That every moment is unique and no matter how “boring” or challenging something may be, that there is always a detail to appreciate or focus on.

We can always go faster, be stronger, do more. We hope to inspire you to push further, because here at RZE, our watches are #ASSEMBLEDFORADVENTURE.