Adventure Awaits You!

Adventure Awaits You!

We know that many of our supporters are adventurers and travellers. Individuals who push themselves and their gear to their limits. People with a high attention to detail and appreciate the little things. Many of you rely on tools, instruments and equipment to help you take on challenges that were previously unimaginable. Weekend warriors, desk divers, and watch enthusiasts, one thing is for sure – you’re prepared, and we’re proud that you choose RZE as your timepiece.

I’d like to introduce myself as a member of the team at RZE starting my adventure. My name is Huiy and my goal is to help us get to know our adventurers better. Last quarter we introduced some of our team members and we’d like to share with you how we stay prepared for our adventures. Stay tuned for an upcoming article with more about founders and their journey at RZE!

Whether we’re packing for the office, or for the outdoors, we all have unique everyday carry and here are some of our favourites! One of the things we know many of our audience is familiar with is the ‘pocket-dump’. 

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept of the EDC (every-day carry), it refers to your daily essentials. We know that everyone’s EDC can change day-to-day and your kit can be a representation of what you value, the battles you may face, or the challenges you’re prepared for. To help you get to know us better, we thought we would share some of the team’s EDCs and pocket dumps, along with some details about our carries.

While we hope you enjoy learning about our EDCs and adventures, more importantly we want to learn about yours. We know that many of us have been waiting for summer to come so we can finally greet the adventure that has awaited us.

Tag us with your pocket dumps and EDCs this summer using #assembledforadventure and we’ll select some of our adventurers to feature and send you some gear for your next adventure!

As we share more of our team’s EDCs and adventures throughout the summer, we look forward to featuring some of our community members’ EDCs as well. We look forward to learning more about you, your travels and the other gear that keeps you inspired or prepared for the adventures that await you!

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Huiy’s Daily EDC

  • RZE Fortitude
  • RayBan Clubmaster Oversized
  • Jabra Elite Active 75t
  • Big Idea Design Ti Click Pen
  • Moleskine notebook
  • Benchmade Mini Osborne
  • Extra contact lenses and eye drops


As an entrepreneur and small business owner, my day is unpredictable but there are essentials in my EDC that help me tackle everyday challenges. I never leave my house without a watch, and often wear one at home. As I share this with you, I’m wearing the RZE Fortitude - the ideal titanium ‘go anywhere do anything’ piece, coated with UltraHex encouraging me to wear it as a beater.  Eyewear is one of my essentials and not surprisingly my prescription frames are titanium too - Lindberg’s are so good, I’ve bought the same pair twice (same with these Clubmasters actually). If I am going out however, I prefer contact lenses and always carry a spare set and some eye drops. A few other essentials are a knife, my Moleskine notebook and a pen, and a pair of headphones. 

Travis’s Daily EDC

  • RZE Resolute Carbon Fibre Prototype 
  • Randolph Engineering Aviator
  • Apple Airpod Pro + TwelveSouth Airfly Pro
  • Nitecore TIP SE Flashlight
  • RZE Ti Click Pen
  • Muji mini notebook
  • RZE Blackcomb pouch

My daily EDC is the stuff I bring to work as a pilot - that means no knife and no sharp objects! My wrist watch always changes depending on the latest prototype I’ve received. I’m like Tony Stark, but instead of suits, I test out watches before launching them to market. Airpods + airfly are essential so that I do not need to use the crappy headphones provided in flight to watch movies during my breaks on long haul flights. I enjoy the clean aesthetic of Muji notebooks, and use them to make notes and keep track of my flight details about particular stations I fly to. The notebooks fit conveniently alongside my passport that I can't fly without, in my Blackcomb pouch that mainly holds all the tech stuff like chargers, cables, etc, that I need for outstation layovers.