Introducing the Glacier Collection

Introducing the Glacier Collection

The RZE Endeavour is back in 2023 featuring a new set of dials inspired by some of the world’s most awe-inspiring glacier destinations. Each dial has been carefully crafted with textures that mimic the natural formations and patterns found in glacial ice, and the intricate ridges and valleys of mountain ranges. The Endeavour features crisp applied indices, standing out from the dials like snow-snow capped peaks, filled with Super-Luminova and BGW9 to maximise legibility. 

Adventurers around the world have challenged themselves to hike, climb, scramble and boulder to experience Mother Earth’s glaciers, which cover 10% of the planet, but are heavily impacted by human activity. Each dial pays homage to glaciers around the world that our team aspires to explore and help preserve, as we continue to increase our focus on sustainability and reduce our impact on the environment as a brand, and adventurers. 

Powered by the SII NH35A Japan Automatic Movement movement, encased in solid titanium, and coated with UltraHex™, the Endeavour is built for a lifetime of adventures. Our hope is for these watches to serve as a reminder of the fragility of our planet’s ecosystems and the importance for us to strive to preserve the planet’s natural wonders for generations to come.

Launching with the glacier inspired dials is an all new custom buckle, designed and developed by our team to provide adventurers with on-the-fly adjustment, maximising the comfort and fit of the bracelet. Adventurers can now quickly adjust their bracelets tool-free and with ease to fit over jackets and wetsuits. 

The Vatnajökull is named after the largest glacier in Europe, covering eight percent of Iceland’s landmass. Vatnajökull National Park is found in southwest Iceland, featuring Iceland’s tallest mountain, several active volcanoes, and is a prime destination for glacial hiking, boat tours of glacial lagoons and ice caving tours. The texture of the dial evokes the vast crevasses and ridges found on the glacier’s surface and its subtle yet intricate details, create a striking yet serene visual effect. While this Endeavour attempts to capture the beauty and power of Vatnajökull, and is built to last a lifetime, due to rising levels of global temperature the glacier has lost nearly one metre of its thickness annually over the past 15 years and it’s our responsibility to do our part to preserve the natural beauty of our planet.

The Yulong (玉龙雪山), or Jade Dragon dial is named after the southernmost snow covered mountain in the Northern Hemisphere, north of Lijiang, China. Made up of 13 peaks, including Shanzidou at 5,596 m and only one known ascent, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and its 19 oceanic glaciers is one of Asia’s most legendary mountain ranges. As a nod to its jade namesake and lush forests covering the mountain slopes, the dial is beautifully textured to capture the rugged and majestic landscape of the Yulong mountains. The Yulong Snow Mountain National Scenic Area is also home to incredible biodiversity, with a quarter of China’s plant species found in the region’s forest communities and hundreds of trees and animals protected by the state. Our hope is that the Yulong Endeavor serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving the power and majesty of nature for future generations.

The Tronador dial draws its namesake from extinct stratovolcano Mount Tronador, or “thunderer” in Spanish due to the possibility for adventurers to hear the thunderous sound of glacial ice falling into the lake or in the mountains behind. Located in the Andes on the border of Argentina and Chile, it features eight glaciers, including the Ventisquero Negro or Black Glacier, uniquely colored by the dirt and sediment picked up in the glacier’s accumulation zone. Unfortunately, due to unusually hot temperatures and increasing rockfall in the area, parts of Nahuel Haupi National Park are no longer accessible due to destabilisation of the glaciers. 

The Ross Ice dial is inspired by the largest ice shelf in Antarctica, spanning 800 km across, 600 km of it floats on the open sea, with a nearly vertical ice front 15-50 m above the water. The crisp white dial is symbolic of the cool, pristine beauty of the world’s largest body of floating ice. With 90% of the glacier’s ice hidden beneath the water’s surface, its thickness ranges from a few hundred metres to 1,200 m, the Ross Ice Shelf plays an essential role in stabilising the Antarctic ice sheet. The Ross Ice Shelf is the gateway for explorations of the Antarctic interior, countless famous expeditions including the first attainment of the South Pole and critical research programs that help scientists better understand our impact on the planet. 

The Blaueis dial is an EU exclusive, inspired by the northernmost glacier in the Berchtesgaden Alps. Its deep navy dial is beautifully textured and symbolic of the glacier’s ‘Blue Ice’ namesake. The Blaueis glacier lies on the exposed north-facing slope of a glacial, amphitheatre-like cirque of the stunning rock faces of Blaueisspitze, Hochkalter, and Kleinkalter. While Blaueis and the Berchtesgaden Alps are popular among boulderers and climbers alike, its existence as one of the few remaining German glaciers is in jeopardy. Due to its relatively low elevation, the Blaueis has been particularly impacted by glacial retreat and unfortunately its remaining ice mass is smaller than the mass lost in the last decade of the 20th century.