Our Materials

In our pursuit to design and engineer watches that are kind on your wrist and on the planet, everything that goes into our watches matter. We deliberately choose materials that stand the test of time, every step of the way, from minimizing waste to minimizing our carbon footprint in the transportation process. 
Case material: Titanium (Ti)
At RZE, our mission is to perfect the craft of titanium watches. We’ve selected titanium for all our watches because of its strength and durability. In fact it is 8x stronger than steel. Titanium is so strong that less metal is required compared to other metals to make our watches, making our watches lighter and more comfortable.
On the flip side, the strength and durability of titanium makes it one of the more complex metals to work with. We’ve taken advantage of this limitation and turned it into a strength, allowing us to design watches that are minimalistic and classic, while keeping costs affordable. 
In its natural state, titanium is an incredible strong metal but its scuffs and scratches are not noticeable compared to steel. But with our signature UltraHex coating, we’ve managed to engineer a lightweight titanium watch that is durable and scratch resistant. 
Titanium is also known for its biocompatibility, it is not harmful or toxic to living tissue due to its resistance to corrosion from bodily fluids. Titanium is hypoallergenic, nickel-free and safe to be worn 24/7.
In general, using titanium has many benefits over using steel: it makes our watch incredibly durable, allowing you to keep your watches for a very long time, ultimately reducing unnecessary waste. 
Strap material: Canvas
Canvas is the fabric of choice for any field watch, so this was a no-brainer for the Resolute. The ruggedness and comfort of the canvas strap backed with soft leather makes it the perfect pairing for your “go anywhere do anything” watch.
Tell your own story with the natural patina of the canvas strap. Fading through time, this creates a characteristic unique to you while still remaining durable and fashionable.
Packaging Material: Tarpaulin
Tarpaulin is a combination of woven laminate fabric that is water resistant, corrosion resistant, abrasion resistant and extremely durable. Sound familiar? It’s the material IKEA shopping bags are made of.
Inspired by the home furnishing giant, our watch cases are made with this environmentally friendly material and flat packed. This eliminates waste of space during shipping. 
The durability of our tarpaulin watch pouch makes it more than just a watch pouch. With endless possible use cases, the only limit is your imagination.
It’s the conscious choice of using all these materials that aid in our mission of protecting our home planet while crafting beautiful watches.