The Users - Insights to what makes a RZE wearer.

The Users - Insights to what makes a RZE wearer.

Chin Weng Keong

Q: How did you come across this brand? Which RZE series attracted you and why?

WK: Can't remember for sure. Probably youtube. At the time, the brand was Reise, and I was intrigued by this South-East Asian microbrand (didn't know you’re originally from Malaysia!). I found the designs interesting and the pricepoint tempting for Ti watches. Didn't immediately act on it as I try to see and feel the watch in person first. Some time later, I happened to meet with a friend (NMwatch from Youtube) and he showed me the OG Resolute that he was reviewing. So cool! Went to the website and saw the Endeavour on pre-order. I wanted to try the Endeavour over the Resolute because the yellow dial really caught my eye. I got in touch with the brand and was pleasantly surprised to be attended to by Travis himself. Very genuine customer engagement and that was enough to make me put in an order. Wasn't sure about the specific shade of yellow as bright colors can be tricky, so played it safe and got the Frigate Grey.

Q: How's your experience with RZE?

WK: Fantastic! I love lightweight watches and I find the design clean, not too serious, yet not frivolously flamboyant. The facets on the case give it a stealth bomber look or kinda like a tank made of exotic lightweight materials. I especially like the Ultrahex coating as it never seems to pick up scratches. The bracelet is comfortable with an elegant taper. The provided half links and generous microadjusts are much appreciated. I'm mostly a bracelet guy so getting a good fit is important. With the Endeavour, it’s a breeze.

But mostly, I feel the brand deserves support because of Travis' personal touch engaging customers, providing insights into the brand/business/industry, and taking feedback and suggestions. Not many brands do that, not even other microbrands, and I felt a warmth and authenticity that endears me to RZE.

Q: Where do you usually bring RZE?

WK:: Well, my time with the watch has been through Covid, so there wasn't opportunity to travel with it. I'm also retired so I don't bring it into work. My enjoyment of watches in the past couple of years has been limited to home, in the car running errands for or with my family, and a few social occasions between lockdowns. I'm excited for the Resolute SC, as I think it would make a great beach/sea holiday watch now that travel is on the cards again. Even more so if the dial was Orange! ;-)

Q: How would you describe RZE to others

WK: RZE is a Microbrand making capable and affordable toolwatches for the adventurous spirit. They only make Titanium watches, treated with a coating that makes them very durable. It's hard to find other full TItanium watches at their price point. Aesthetically, their watches have a quiet ruggedness (nothing OTT like say a G-Shock), with an air of cheerfulness if you choose the more vibrant colorways. They also have more sedate versions if you prefer.

The people behind the brand are very experienced, and very much watch lovers too. They’re genuine and engage openly with customers, so I hope their future lies in co-creation with users and that’s very promising even if present models aren’t 100% your cup of tea. I get the feeling they want to work with us to make watches that fit our needs and wants. This makes me want to support them, help them thrive, so they can continuously improve and get us closer to our ideal toolwatches for carefree use.

Q:When you see someone wearing an RZE watch, what comes across your mind?

WK: This person must either live an adventurous lifestyle, or appreciates a great tough watch at an affordable price, or both. Probably someone I’d like to hang out with.

Tomasz Tomanek

Q: How did you come across this brand?

TT: I have missed completely the initial RZE run of the watches. So I wasn't aware of you in any matter.  That was not surprising as till the beginning of this year I wasn't much into microbrands. I was into watches since 2017 or 18 but mostly the entry-level brands like Seiko, Hamilton, etc. My very first micro was I believe Dan Henry I bought long ago - but I wasn't even aware of the microbrand concept then.
So fast forward to the 2022 - I see a picture of the Endeavour on one of the FB watch enthusiasts groups. And I got hooked by the not obvious, unique design language of it. So I ask the guy who shared it - what's this? And lucky enough that was Jarek, who owns a web-store in Poland with your watches. 

Q: Which RZE series attracted you? Why?

TT: I got initially attracted by the Endeavor - I'm an engineer and the utilitarian nature of the watch caught me in. Got one, and then I saw the green Fortitude - and can't resist the green vibe with the overall aesthetic. 

Q: How’s your experience using RZE? 
The weight - It's the coolest thing about it - the titanium feel is just amazingly comfortable. 
The durability - So far so good. Even though the titanium watches suppose to scratch easily - your coating seems to be doing the job. I had an issue with the crown thread on mine Fortitude - and it's in the service (of yours I believe) now. But I don't consider it to be a durability issue - rather just bad luck.
The style - You got me by the style. So there's not much more I can say besides the story I gave on the first question.

Q: Where do you usually bring RZE?
TT: I have around 30 watches in my collection. And I tend to use them all under all circumstances.
So I took all of my RZE to work (R&D Electrical Laboratory) on daily bases. And of course, I use them at home - as I tend to use a single watch during the whole day. 

Q: How would you describe RZE to others? (Those that do not own an RZE watch)
TT: So, I do have a hobby YT watch channel (in polish) and I tend to be quite active on FB groups with my photography of watches. My pitch about RZE is - a fresh approach to the watch's concept. Modern and fresh design, but above all - it's the 21st-century execution (titanium etc).

Q: When you see someone wearing an RZE watch, what comes across your mind
TT: This one is tricky - as there's not much RZE around here. So I have never met anyone with one in real life. I do tend to see those on the FB group - and it makes you feel cool - like meeting another Jeep on the road (I was a very Jeep person for almost a decade - not driving one anymore, unfortunately). 

Jonathan Taliani

Q: How did you come across this brand?

JT: I discovered RZE at the brand's launch with the inaugural Kickstarter campaign for the Resolute (now V1).

Q: Which RZE series attracted you? Why?

JT: I liked the overall of the original Resolute and the overall goal of producing a reasonably priced, lightweight, rugged tool watch that still had style. I've experienced every variant since the Resolute launch and have enjoyed each. I'd say my favorite model is probably a toss-up between the Endeavour and Fortitude.

Q: How’s your experience using RZE? 

JT: I've found each RZE to deliver on the company's vision. Each variant has been lightweight without feeling cheap or plasticky (a common complaint for many with titanium or ultra-light watches). The Ultrahex coating has performed well, only really showing minor signs of wear at direct metal to metal contact points (ex: clasp to bracelet link or link to link touching). As the brand grows and evolves, I enjoy the increasing variety in the offerings, while still having a similar design language. I'm looking forward to seeing what's next.

Q: Where do you usually bring RZE? 

JT: To me, RZE watches are the epitome of an everyday or do-all watch. They're a great grab and go choice for virtually any situation (excepting formal attire, in my opinion). Whether you're doing yard work, going for an outdoor adventure, heading to the office, or just lounging around the house, it's tough to go wrong. Like many enthusiasts, I'm partial to mechanical watches, but it's tough to argue with the convenience of the ultra cool Valour with its complete grab and go movement choice.

Q: How would you describe RZE to others? (Those that do not own an RZE watch) 

JT: See the above reply, as it addresses this as well. The common DNA throughout the RZE lineup is its up for anything in style and build. While best suited to casual use, they're truly ready for most any adventure.

Q: When you see someone wearing an RZE watch, what comes across your mind? 

JT: That person has great taste in watches 😁 Seriously though, I like RZE's design language and overall use of materials. No matter whether you choose field (Resolute), Dive (Endeavour & Resolute SC), pilot (Fortitude) or futuristic racing (Valour) style each presents with a confidence and competence for the task (or, again, just lounging around the house 😄)