RZE teams up with EcoCart for "climate positive" orders

RZE teams up with EcoCart for "climate positive" orders

When we started RZE, one of our priorities was ensuring that we remain sustainable throughout every step of our process. Whether it be a big step or a small one, we are dedicated to doing our part for Mother Nature.

So today we are proud to announce that we will be teaming up with EcoCart to make all your orders carbon neutral!

At checkout, look out for the EcoCart opt-in at the bottom of the page. Keep it checked and you'll be one step further in making your order CLIMATE POSITIVE! Your little contribution will help fund projects like the one we've picked – the Myanmar Mangroves project.

We chose to fund a project that's close to home, since all these little steps start in our neighbourhood. 

Did you know that only 16% of the original mangrove forest remains on the Myanmar coastline? Due to human activities, mass deforestation of the mangrove forests has devastated the blue carbon ecosystem and has destroyed the very resource that protects and nourishes communities.

This project is working to restore those forests, and we believe this is a vital project that we want to be a part of. Mangrove forests have immense benefits. They help stabilize the coastline, reduce erosion, provide protection from storms, and are home to fish, birds and plants. Mangroves store as much as four times the carbon stored in inland forests.

So when we lose mangroves, the climate suffers directly. 5 million new mangrove trees have been planted with hopes of planting another 5 million trees in the next two years. The project also works with the local communities to adapt to more sustainable practices and help conservation efforts.

Learn more about the project here.

We've enabled this option on our website for a month now, and we're so thrilled with the results thus far! We've managed to offset 662 lbs of carbon which is equivalent to saving 344 trees and 10 ft of the arctic!

Thank you guys so much for doing your part. 

Together we can save our home – it's the only one we have. So don't forget to offset your carbon footprint of your order. A little goes a long way!