Clarence Venturesome Adventure

Clarence Venturesome Adventure

Hi, guys! Clarence here, one of the co-founders of RZE Watches. A bit of myself, I grew up in a middle-class family. My family motto is to buy essential things only. Therefore, owning a watch is a luxury. Hence, my all-time bucket list is to build a timepiece of my own.

I have an unpopular ambition to become a world-famous Twitch streamer one day. It is undeniably an audacious ambition for Asians. And I will shamelessly tell you I already owned three monitors and gaming neon led decoration in my man cave.

That said, I do have an adventurous side. The involvement in something new has been my passion as it gives me a sense of thrill. In that context, I am an avid supporter of Kickstarter. My current laptop stand was from Kickstarter. Soon, my partner and I launched our first titanium field watch on Kickstarter. The rest is history

Enough of my brief intro. Time to share about my adventure!

Life Quest: Sleep Under the Stars

I believe everyone should sleep under the stars at least once. It was a breath-taking experience. However, this stargazing activity was unplanned. The entire New Zealand trip was spontaneous. I had this random idea for a caravan trip. The best way to explore New Zealand is via self-driving, a.k.a road trip. Each nightfall at the caravan site, under the blanket of millions of stars. The wilderness became the new luxury. 

On top of that, I indulged a lot of steaks and whiskey during the trip. We pulled out a barbeque pit and started cooking steaks every night. By the way, steaks from New Zealand were the bomb! As an audiophile, music is a necessity for me. Great food must pair with great music. Above and Beyond, my all-time favorite band was the best seasoning for our dinner.

Never in my imagination that a desk job guy would feel this much towards nature. Finally, I learned how to appreciate the quietness and calmness away from the city. Under the stars, the chaos in my brain settled, and I found peace within myself.

Bring On Your Best Pals: Three Musketeers

The best part of an experience is to find someone to share with, ideally, your best pals. Although my biggest dream is to travel with Superman, it is too farfetched. I invited two besties to travel with me: Chuan and Daryl. Our role:

  • Chuan: The Organizer
  • Daryl: The All-Rounder
  • Clarence (me): The Time Waster a.k.a The Fun Guy

Chuan: He is a meticulous person. Usually, he will read up and research the places we plan to visit. Also, he is the timekeeper that ensures all of us are on time to the destination.

Daryl: He has the best motor skills among us. He is well versed in rock climbing, cooking and driving. Of course, all the street-smart skills are a piece of cake for him.

Clarence (me): He is fun yet mischievous. He encourages people to buy more alcohol, making his companions enjoys the moment. Also, he is terrible at keeping up with people. But, he is a resourceful guy knowing how to source the right person for the trip. 

We complimented each other well during the trip. The role assignment was the critical success of this impromptu trip. Furthermore, we kept each other in check and cared for each other well. Mainly, I was ill the first week of the trip. Read below to find out more.

Take the Risk When the Time Comes

The New Zealand trip was indeed an impromptu move. Opportunities such as these do not come by often. I had to overcome my fear of stepping out of my comfort zone. My physical stamina was not always the strongest. There was a lot of hiking scheduled along the way. One of the hikes took 7 or 8 hours for a round trip. For an inactive person like me, it was grim. Thankfully, after a few hikes, I got used to the pace. I understood that our bodies could adapt if we were willing to accept the challenge.

As mentioned, I was sick. Guess what? Manuka honey came to the rescue as it soothed my sore throat drastically. The fresh air and surroundings of New Zealand accelerated the healing process. Once I was up and running, we went on to the crazy activities. We rolled in a giant human ‘hamster ball’ on the grass and sky diving (I pulled out midway due to a sore neck). The most enjoyable and thrilling activity for me was the LUGEEEE! IT’S THE BEST!

Luge is a go-kart but without a motor. It runs on three wheels, relying only on gravity to maneuver. Additionally, it comes with a set of handlebars for stopping and steering. The highlight was going down the hill with many hard turns at high speed! If anyone wants to experience the ‘Fast and Furious’ adrenaline rush, Luge would be your thing.

The Real Definition of Adventure

Recently, RZE launched a campaign to encourage others to share their adventures. After reading their stories, I realized:

  • Adventuring made us feel vulnerable, stressed, motivated or hopeful.
  • We all needed a little bit of push to go on an adventure. 
  • People felt rewarded at the end despite all the hurdles.
  • It is akin to getting on an emotional roller coaster ride.

There is one takeaway among all the adventurers. As uncomfortable as an adventure can be, we became more robust with no lingering regrets. RZE will be embarking on a new adventure soon. Thank you all for opening up and sharing your precious stories!